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Bilateral Relations (Nepal-North Korea)


Nepal-Democratic People's Republic of Korea Relations

Bilateral Relations

Diplomatic relations between Nepal and DPR Korea was established in 15 May, 1974. Democratic People's Republic of Korea has its residential Embassy in Kathmandu since 1974.   Nepalese Embassy in Beijing is concurrently accredited to DPR Korea. Kathmandu Metropolitan City and Pyongyang have established sister-city relations in November 2001.

Nepal and DPRK enjoy good bilateral relations based on mutual friendship, trust and goodwill. As members of NAM, G77 and the UN, Nepal and DPRK share similar concerns in the international forums. There has been cooperation between the two countries in the United Nations and other international organizations. 

Nepal follows development in DPRK and Korean Peninsula with interest. Nepal has a longstanding supportive position for the peaceful reunification of Korea as per the will of the Korean people. Nepal has the earnest wish to see peace, unity and stability in the Korean Peninsula.

Exchange of visits

The periodic exchange of visits at various levels is important for reinforcing the relationship between Nepal and DPRK. No high level visits have taken place between the two countries since long. Important among the high-level visits between the two countries so far are:

Exchange of visits from Nepal

Heads of the State:

Official visit at the level of Heads of the State has not taken place for long.

Heads of the Government:

Late Prime Ministers Tanka P. Acharya and Mr. Kirti Nidhi Bista have paid separate visits to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea on different occasions.

Exchange of visits from the DPRK:

Vice Foreign Minister Level visit

1.       Mr. Kim Yong II, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs visited Nepal from 20th to 23rd November 2008

2.       Mr. Pak Kil Yon, Vice Foreign Minister visited Nepal from 1 to 4th of May 2000


Economic and Technical Cooperation

There exist a number of bilateral agreements between Nepal and DPRK for cooperation in the field of trade, irrigation, culture and information. The establishment of bilateral consultation mechanism between the two Foreign Ministries in 2001 provides an opportunity to share experiences and explore various areas of cooperation on a regular basis. The last consultation meeting was held in Pyongyang in November 2012. A Nepal-DPRK Parliamentarian Friendship Group was established in 2002.

The ophthalmic team from the Tilganga Eye Hospital in Kathmandu has conducted eye camps in DPRK in 2005 and 2006. Tilganga Eye hospital has been extending training courses for DPR Korean eye specialists in Nepal and many DPR Korean doctors have already been benefitted from this training course each year.

Nepal may be benefited from the expertise and accomplishment of DPRK in the fields like hydropower development, sports, agriculture in highlands, and animal health, through possible technical cooperation, consultation, training and sharing of experiences. Security training, technology transfer in the fields of chemical fertilizer productions, plastic ware production, construction of tunnels and suspension bridges may comprise some additional areas of cooperation.

Trade and Investment

The following table shows the status of Nepal's trade with DPRK in the last three years which is also in deficit like with many other trading partners:

Value in '000 Rs




Trade Balance














As of July 2012, three projects under DPR Korean investment have been in operation so far in Nepal with an investment of Rs. 32 million which created 147 jobs.